What is your story? One of the great blessings of being a priest is being able to hear stories told by others about their lives. We each of us have tales to tell and the very act of storytelling allows others to have access to our views of the world.

The world is full of stories; this 4000 year old burial cairn on the west coast of the Isle of Arran speaks of a long gone culture. The cairn is know as the Auchagallon (Field of the Standing Stones!) Cairn and has never been excavated. So there are lots of unknowns. I sense that some of the story is about the connection between heaven and earth on the edge of the land and the endless sea stretching off into the distance.

Making sense of that is unfolding at the moment creates it’s own narrative, as we each try to make sense of the ‘new normal’. You will have your own narrative, born out of your experiences and thinking. Your story is a unique gift to the world!

We may feel overwhelmed by what we are passing through, as I’m sure was true of the Burial Cairn builders so long ago. Humanity has progressed, but we still fall into the trap of the same old narrative if we are not careful. I guess that the builders of the burial cairn had to think ‘outside the box’, but responding with what they had and their own stories and vision.

Stories are vital to faith, no matter how we express or create them. Give yourself a moment to think through your own story, and offer it to God, who has walked with you each step, either known or unknown.

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