The word Home can mean many different things. For Helen and I this is home; the third house from the sea wall. It is a place of constant change as the tides roll in and out. The sea wall was built 15 years ago to try and hold back the relentless erosion. One day, the battle may become too difficult to manage.

The sense of being ‘on the edge’ is a very profound one, particularly when the tide is high and the storm is raging, The fragility of existence.

I have always felt blessed to have faith in God; even when the storms of life rage I can know that I have a place in my inward being, that I can call ‘home’. The moments of loss and tears and failure can seem like the raging of the sea beating against the wall; the boomimg of the waves as they compress against against the immovable object.

But faith is a place we can call home even in the storm. I noticed in the top right hand corner of the photograph, the nearly full moon. Easy to miss, just hovering in the background. For me a parable of faith…the God of love calling; the imperceptible whisper, borne on the breeze.

You may have come across the littlle book called ‘The Practice of the Presence of God, ‘ It was written by Brother Lawrence (a monk in 17th Century France) who wrote about God being with him in the every day, even whilst dishwashing! I recommend it to you. Home can be found within! Now there’s a thought that can exercise us all for a while!!

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