What are you like with decision making? Fence sitter….quick answers…..gatherer of information? I’m guessing that this will probably depend on the type of decision; a whole lot of variables that will impact how the decision is made. Sometimes, the consequences of the decision may prevent us from making a step towards an answer. There may be no clear direction and we are left in a fog.

The signpost helpfully identifies three differnt choices and routes., and more helpfully, the path is clear for one direction, which is well trodden and bounded by fencing. But if I were lost, and unable to identify where I was, all these apparent certainties would not necessarily be helpful.

Fortunately, the path is one that we have taken before and our evening walk took us back to the place where we are staying. Decisions are made every day in our lives and some may have long term consequences, others less so. It may be that the decision of others may change the way we can make our own decisions.

There is a wonderful exchange between Jesus and one of his disciples, Thomas, recorded in the John’s Gospel. There is a lot of uncertainty about, and the disciples are getting nervous. As usual Thomas expresses his doubts to Jesus about what’s happening. Jesus responds with these words; “I am the way and the truth and the life’. Simply, trust me!

But that’s crazy…is it not? Perhaps, but Jesus did’t waste words. Whatever is going on in your life today, as you read this, just hear those words resounding in your head and in your heart. You may be feeling lost or uncertain. OK, give yourself permission to listen to the sign maker; the route you take may suprise you!

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