The ending of the day; standing stones in a field, an evening walk. The promise of the rising sun; repeated cycles which we take for granted. Without endings there are no beginnings, just like the rhythm of our lives.

Endings can offer us the opportunity to start anew, to change perspective, to see beyond the familiar and the ordinary. I’m happy with the latter, but like us all there is a deeper need to take a step beyond the familiar.

Everything changes as the Sun goes down; shadows lengthen and roll into darkness, and we have to readjust. I am guessing that each person who reads this will in some way be trying to come to terms with some kind of ending.

The ending of the light opens new ways of looking at things; new ways of seeing. The words of John the apostle, writing about Jesus Christ,…’the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not consumed it’. Whatever it is that disturbs you in this moment, offer it to the unquenchable light. Take a step out of whatever holds you back, whatever seems like an ending , and offer your uniqueness to the bestower of new beginnings and endings…

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