I’m tempted simply to leave the photograph as it is, without any explanation. You can thus make your own observation of the scene. The scene was photographed yesterday afternoon, looking down Kilmartin Glen. There are three burial cairns, (4,000 years old), the place where we are staying, and sheep!

There is a profound sense of continuity in the landscape, which has been shaped by those who have lived, worked and died in this place. The connection is our humanity and needs which have not changed massively in the past 4000 years. The uncertainty which pervades our lives in these diffcult days we are passing through, mirrors itself in the imprint of the visceral remains of the people who lived here millenia ago. Trying to make sense of lives and events and hope and fear. Placing life into some kind of context. Leaving the burial mounds as witness to a deeper truth about existence beyond the physical; the eternal soul, or spirit.

There will be as many observations made by all who read this blog. Your own understanding of existence and spirit and life beyond the physical. Tested and revised and reinterpreted.

All I can say as I sit and write this blog, is that I, you, all of us, are part of something far deeper and wider that we will ever fathom, but which continues to whisper into our hearts and minds and souls….’the still, small voice…’

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