I’m not sure what title to use for this photograph, Choices is probably a cop out!. I think I took the photograph because of the juxtaposition of the dying vegetation and the new life represented by the butterfly.

There are seasons and choices in life, some of which we have control over; others which come unanounced and rock us to the core. The process that the butterfly goes through, larvae, pupa, and finally breaking free is a powerful witness to the idea of transformation. There we are…the title!

The journey we each take through life involves constant moments of transformation. Times of uncertainty being transformed into new ways of living or seeing. You may be going through this process now, or be living with someone that this is happening to. At the time, we all know how difficult it can be; feeling sometimes like the dry vegetation and longing for the possibility of new life.

All I can say from my own experience is that at those periods of the seeming driest moments we are beginning to move on to times of refreshment. Sometimes imperceptively. God’s spirit works from within; like the pupae which holds all the possibility of new life, in its transformation into the butterfly!!

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