What does the word, ‘belief’ mean for you? You may regard yourself as a ‘believer’ or an ‘unbeliever’. or indeed someone who veers from moments of certainty in your faith journey, to moments of being uncertain. Life events and our own journies can have a profound effect on how we descibe belief.

I’ve used th photograph above as a simple illustration of an act of faith, taken over 4,000 years ago, by a group of people in Kilmartin Glen on the Kintyre Peninsula in Scotland. A stone circle. Interpreted as a religious act by archaeologists; with lots of theories about how and why.

For me it was an act of faith. A reaching out to something beyond the ordinary and visible. Worship; making a connection. It is an illustration of the need within each of us to have something. I’ve often had people saying to me, I don’t believe in God, which I utterly respect. Sometimes I’ll respond with, ‘But what God don’t you believe in?’ In other words, descibe what you don’t believe in.

If you are reading this blog, then there is a fair chance that you have some belief in God. But I ask you the question, ‘What God do you believe in?’

Our life experiences, good and bad, can have a profound effect on what and how we believe. Even our own moods and mental landscapes have their influences.

The stone circle is a reminder of the human quest to make sense of the world and reflects our on going need to do the same, in our life and moments.

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