Still point..

Not a breath of wind this morning, when I took this shot. The anemometer was unmoved, along with the wind direction indicator. All is still, all is at peace. Beyong the foreground is a perfect vanishing point on the northern horizon.

I stood and reflected on this scene for what turned out to be just a few minutes. Lost in the moment and the stillness of air, sea, and sky.

‘Be still and know that I am God….’ The whisper of reality into the heart of the psalmist, in verse 10 of Psalm 46.

I’m not good with stillness; too much going on in my head! But those moments (and they often are moments!) when I can begin to stll my thoughts and swing them into a different thought pattern, can be grace full moments.

Grace filled,


Inviting the

creative Spirit

of God into my


Recognised for who

I am, because

grace holds me

and accompanies my

wandering and pondering.

But craving stillness,

and vanishing points;

all drawn together.

Lost in the moment,

but surrounded by the love

of the Grace giver.

Not lost, but always found

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