The edge…

Keills Chapel near Tayvallich, on the Kintyre peninsula. A place of worship in the early days of the Christian faith; now a museum containing 40 carved stones from the early Christian to late medieval period.

It was a place for us to sit, and take in the moment, which fell beyond words. The stones were both religious markers, and also commemoration of a life. Eternal rest; crossing from one existence to another. Nothing lost.

Saints passed this way, on their journeys beyond the horizon, taking the news of Jesus Christ to the islands and further; including Ireland. I cannot describe how overwhelming this place was. So much so, that I shed tears. Simply because there were too many inputs.

My sense at the time was being touched by the love of God; not just for me, but for all people. In the middle if all we are going through, this timeless, edgy place spoke of assurance. Not something visceral, like a big hug, but something beyond my sight, which spoke directly to my spirit.

The early saints who moved around this area and beyond, had a pround connection to God, whch took them through all kinds of experiences, The simple crosses and the other carved stones, are human expressions of faith and hope and love…on the edge of everything. Witnesses to trust and hope in the middle of fear and uncertainty.

We too seek for trust and hope and faith in the middle of all we pass through in these days. The one we seek is reaching out to us; on the edge of everything.

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