Seasons come and go with haste, it seems! This year which is rolling on into autumn has been perhaps one of the most strangest times in my life, and I am sure, in yours! We have all had to find ways to adapt to and make sense of the pandemic which still occupies our thoughts.

In the ‘backgroud to all that is unfolding, is the natural world, which follows the pattern of the seasons through drought and flood and everything inbetween!

Just the other day I spotted some ripening Yew berries which made a bold statement as the path wandered past. Their vibrant colours spoke of the rhytmn of the natural world, and proclaimed hopefulness in the midst of all that we are passing through. The potential for new life within the berries spoke of abundance in the moments of what for me, inwardly sometimes feels like a dry and barren place. In a split second of taking note of the scene, my spirit filled with hopefulness and promise and assurance.

There is, for each of us, the need to stop and take note; sometimes literally (!), of what is around us, what we are part of.

May you find the presence of the Creator and Sustainer in the abundance of the Creation; in the heartbeat of the natural world.

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