Some words from the mouth of Jesus; ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you,.

I ‘m not certain where I was when I took this photograph, or what prompted me to take it. But as I pondered, the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew’s gospel, sprung into my consciousness.

The trees seem to be blocking what is beyond; only the light seems to offer hope. I think there is something of a parable here, about ways being blocked; despair, longning, new possibilities and alternative paths.

The seeking of our soul to find hope and direction and purpose. We will all have days of uncertainty and drifting, until we find where the path might be. We need the reassurance of these words of Jesus that there are always new paths and ways through what might seem like a wall of obstruction.

We all walk our own paths through life; perhaps sometimes we need to stop and take a look around. To see beyond the barrier across our path, which becomes our obsession. Seeking for a new vision which is already within us, but which we are choosing to ignore.

My prayer is that this week will be a moment of seeking and surprise for each of us!

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