A photo of me photographing Helen, who at the same moment was taking this photograph of me. This could go on for a long time!!!! Apologies

It was a moment in time where we both decided to photograph each other. Why? I have no idea. It speaks to me about how we see ourselves. How we categorise who we are; make sense of our lives; share this one life with others. The unique genetics that we carry. The fact that we are ‘one offs’; existing for a moment in time.

I wonder a lot about existence; not just my own, but the whole thing. Variety and perspective woven together. Not always coming to conclusions. For me, faith, however you want to define it, creates more questions than answers

I remember someone telling me that they couldn’t wait to meet God, becuse they had lots of questions to ask! Thank goodness for eternity, because if we all wanted answers, then they would be a long time coming. But I wonder whether actually we will see ourselves as God sees us, and all the wondering will be gone in an instant.

We are not the best judges of ourselves, or others for that matter. It’s enough to deal with our own existence.

Just be prepared to be a wonderer and a wanderer and enjoy the journey, if you can. Even for a moment, when the camera points at you!

2 thoughts on “Wondering…

  1. Good morning my dear friend very existential… like the void that is left… fondest 🤪

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