The gap

When I first made a conscious step along the road of faith, I was a teenager. 46 years later here I am. The first steps I took were very much about the ‘gap’ between me and God. This apparently unbreachable chasm was what separated me from the Almighty. The good news I was told, was that God had breached that gap through the death and resurrection of Jesus, on the cross. Sin was dealt with and I could move into the new relationship.

This was a key moment in my journey, guided by saintly older Christian. All important parts of the journey. As my faith grew and developed I began to move beyond this rather negative view of God and the gap. Now it is more of a reaching out on both sides and prompts a poem

‘Mind the gap’

Doors sliding shut.

Tunnel …

hope and fear.

Still small voice,

light in the darkness.

I can walk!

I can see… the way

the truth,

and the life.

Walking with

me. My journey.

Your steps..all

humanity. None


The train

will wait,

the driver

is on flexy


embraces you….

divine love beckons


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