Just ‘being’…

Helen spotted these two damsel flies resting on a rock in our garden, and soaking up the warm sunshine. Taking a moment; enjoying the peace; planing their next move…or just being a damsel fly!!

‘Just being, not doing’ is a phrase that is bandied about when talking about prayer and our attitude as we pray. I like the phrase, but to be honest find it very difficult to acheive. As soon as I stop everything and try to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’, my brain goes into overload. The still point disappears into a fog of thoughts, plans and worries. The internal chatter drowns out anything I try to focus on.

In my experience the best moments of ‘just being’ come unannounced. During ordinary space and time, when I’m not consciously trying to connect with God. This is God connecting with me and drawing my consciousness away from my preoccupations. Deep in the Psalms we read this simple advice; ‘Be still, and know that I am God….’

The damsel flies were captured in a moment of stillness. We need to allow ourselves to be caught up in the moments of stillness that we are given each day. Stillness that is enriching, not a time for fidgeting and boredom. As I write these words I recognise how far from this I am. But I’m conscious that God invites us to these ‘Just being’ moments all the time. But we’re too preoccupied with our worries and fears to give the moment any time, and quickly move on to fill the space with chatter. Drowning out the ‘still small voice’.

Perhaps for a moment, these damsel flies were connecting with their creator and sustainer and ‘just being’. What a lesson for us to learn!!

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