How does your perspective change during the day? I tend to find that mine moves with both the external inputs and my inner reflections.

This photograph was taken in a friends’ garden the other day; lots of business with light and shade and autumn colour. The eye is drawn to the sunlit area. Just take a moment and sense what breaks into your consciousness. Sometimes it can help just to close your eyes after observing the image and then pick up what impressions are revealing themselves in your thought world. If you have the opportunity, make a note of what remains in your consciousness.

The influences in our waking moments are many and varied, and sometimes we shut down those that aren’t immediately useful or seem a little ‘off beam’. This is a sad loss, because often they are the perspectives that God draws our attention to.

A Prayer;

God of our moments and days.

Let the whisper of your Spirit

gently move each of us and change our perspective.

Thank you for your guiding presence

in our hearts and minds, and your boundless patience!

May the Lord bless us and keep us in every changing perspective.


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