A storm coming over Coquet Island; light, darkness, exhilaration, fear, insignificance. The list of words could continue endlessly. The whole scene shaped by the juxtaposition of so many elements.

Standing a couple of minutes ago, about to take the photograph, and into my head popped the word ‘shaped’. The relentless movement of tide, waves, onshore wind, light and shade was utterly captivating, and spoke of the challenges we face as a country and world.

I have no answers to these challenges, I simply want to take a moment to allow that word, ‘Shaped’, and the photograph, to generate thoughts in your own mind and spirit.

The photograph and my words are simply a vehicle to help you, I hope, to feel the ‘breath of God’, at work in your heart and mind. Those opening words of the hymn; ‘Breathe on me breath of God, fill me with life anew….,’ says it all. In our weary and uncertain moments we perhaps want to speak out these words as an offering to God.

‘Fill me with life anew.’ The generosity of God’s creative Spirit, wanting to shape us and move us and enlighten us. In the middle of the storm. Not hiding, but honestly crying out from the depth of our souls.

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