I captured this photograph of a trawler, a couple of days ago. It was heading away from the safe haven of Amble and into the eye of a storm. I have the utmost admiration for the crew of this vessel; facing difficult conditions to land a catch for others to consume.

Storms are an everyday occurence at the moment and the seas are constantly in turmoil. The world we inhabit seems to be also in turmoil, and uncertainty. People are questioning amd pondering and wondering, Answers are not easy to come by. Just questions….

Easy answers

spring from easy questions.

Difficult questions…head

in a spin.

No horizon,

no home.

Adrift, longing,

harbour; ports in

storm. Firm places

that generate


The next wave follows and


Loss of orientation.

Light and tunnels

and still points..voice

of calm.

My thoughts

rising and falling.

Holding the sound of


Storm over….

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