Reaping and sowing…

A scene taken in early autumn a few years ago. The crop is gathered and the land is ready to be ploughed and sown, The movement of the seasons determining the reaping and sowing.

Something of a reflection of our lives The moments of growth and energy leading to times of rest, recovery. The planting of seeds and the reaping of the crop. So many connections between who we are and how we are.

As I write this blog each day I am always led to challenges in my own life and faith. Often I will choose a photograph for no particular reason, apart from it ahppens to catch my eye as I work through hunderds of images! Suprisingly for me, I’m able to write something that hopefully is meaningful to those who read.

This photgraph exudes tranquility and a momnet of resting. Resonating hopefully with our own inner journey. Being able to make that connection with the things that energise or disturb us, and offering them to God in our own way.

I’ve often struggled with prescriptive types of prayer or spiritual reading. My own journey is enough for me to ruminate upon! What I do sense as I write these words today, is that God’s planting is unseen and suprising. It often drops into our consciousness at unexpected moments. We need to patiently accept these insights and allow them to take root in our consciousness.

The reaping, the fruitfulmess , is God’s way of speaking; the still small voice of calm and longing for the connection that brings growth.

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