Reaching out

Moon rise yesterday; a proper harvest moon! Whenever I see the moon in all it’s glory, It reminds me of the first moon landing in July 20th, 1969, when I was 12 years old. It utterley captivated me on all kinds of levels. Humankind walking on another world. The promise of so much. Excitement and dreaming.

I remember discussions later on with the astronauts who landed and walked on the moon on successive missions. One of the recurring questions was about whether they has ‘spiritual experiences’. Some were able to articulate spiritual ‘encounters’ others nothing.

It just gets me thinking about ourselves and how we perceive spiritual moments in our lives? How do we understand them; how do we categorise them; can we actually talk about these moments. Is it a case of language falling short. Perhaps it is an impossible thing to articulate?

But I belive that ‘Reaching out’ is a good first step. Not into a vacuum but with the assurance that making a step is all that is required, and the response will be heard by our Creator. We like to make things complex; the moon landings were very complex and challenging. But what brought the whole thing to fruition was profound faith and trust by all involved.

Exactly what we need as God reaches out to us and we make a response in our own unique way.

At one time the idea of a moon landing seemed a pipe dream, Faith can sometimes feel like that. But that is OK. Because faith, to be real, has to be challenged. God wants to hear our questions; even the most difficult. Because through this process we begin to understand ourselves and reach out to our Creator and sustainer.

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