This picture which a took a few years ago, got me thinking about my thought life! Quite often I can find myself being turned back to a particular worry or thought pattern, which I seem unable to break out of. Very frustrating.

The spiral staircase somehow made me think about those choices we make every day; the things we obsess about. Spiralling on a stream of consciousness and never seemimg to break free. What strikes me about this picture is that it takes us first to the dark part of the staircase, at centre left, but then the eye is drawn upwards to the light, and the promise of a different perspective.

Isn’t that true of life in so many ways. Perspective change can take us from frustration to new ways of seeing or thinking. This can happen imperceptivly or dramatically. It is about trusting the insight, no matter how ridiculous it might seem! God has many ways of reaching each of us. The still, small persistent nudge, through a change in perspective or thought pattern. Simply a move from darkness into light. Taking a step towards light and hope and leaving behind darkness and uncertainty.

Easier said than done, I admit. As I often say, I am first of all speaking to my inner self in these blogs, and hope that it also might resonate with you.

The picture has a very hopeful vibe to it. Thank you, as always, for taking time to read my musings.

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