I honestly couldn’t think of a title for this scene! So Hmmm is the best I can offer!

I’ve often reflected on light and shadows as a metaphor for life, including our own inner journey. However we regard faith and belief we all have to deal with our own mental map , Sometimes this works well, other times, because of life circumstances we get a mixing of light and shadow.

Just take some time to look at the photograph and see what phrases, impressions, feelings rise into your consciousness.

Here’s my reflection;

Light and shadow

draws out hope and fear.

Holds it to the light

of longing

and waiting.

Colours and shades

reality and shadows.

All mixed into

our seconds and minutes

hours and days.

Still point of reflections; light and shadows…

No answers, just questions

are enough

for each moment.

So, rest my soul

and Hmmmmm!!!

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