This year seems to have been a very good year for fruit. Apples seem to be in abundance and the other day I had to take this photograph of sea buckthorn berries; they were just proclaiming..’Look at me!!!’ Helen and I had to stop for a moment just to almost draw breath. A gift in and from creation.

Nothing held back; the profusion of berries stopping us in our tracks. I’ve heard many people say that during the pandemic, they have begun to see things differently, taking time to ‘notice’ what is around them. Perception changing. Giving each moment, time to reveal itself. Either outwardly, like the berries above, or something within our soul, which draws our attention.

I think the days we have passed through and are passing through, make us refocus our priorities and our view of ourselves and the space we inhabit.

Blessings and peace be with you, always.

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