Open or closed?

These shutters have seen better days. They were photographed in a French village about 7 years ago. I think I was captivated by the one open and one closed shutter. The open one has seen better days and is almost hanging there for ornament, the other firmly shut and not moving.

Their purpose has been re-purposed! A bit of a parable of life methinks! I’m curious about what lies beyond the opening; not very inviting but drawing me in!!!

This is bit like faith, in my world. I cannot profess to understand how faith works, but it has something to do with seeking and being open to suprise. I would have needed a ladder to get through the opening, but the easier route might be through a ground floor door. But still no guarantee of what’s inside. The upper floor may have collapsed. So many thoughts and not easy answers. Faith again! That’s why I find religious faith so fascinating and frustrating, all at the same time!

Sometimes all we can see is the building; what the eyes see and how our inner self interprets the scene. Complex…you bet! Often the only certainty we have is a series of never ending questions…and that is the blessing and the challenge of faith! I sometimes leave the shut door where it is and look for openings; chinks of light, even hunches, in other places.

I’m sure you have your own challenges and ways of dealing with them. Faith is an amazing journey, taking one step at a time. Even if it’s just looking at an open shutter in a French willage.

God is truly a ‘God of Suprises’. Enjoy the journey!!!

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