Random weaving I think! Digital photography allows you to build up a stock of photographs, some of which I have no idea where they were taken! So you can make your own mind up about this one.

What I was thinking about when I took it, is beyond my memory recall. As I look at it now, I just hear the word ‘Weaving’! Should I leave it there and abdicate any further responsibility for this musing, or should I soldier on, in the tenuous hope that something might happen?

You guessed it…soldier on!

There is a randomness to life and existence that sometimes will make us feel somewhat adrift on the sea of life. It happens to us an a personal level, it happens to groups, nations, and the world. The pandemic we are experiencing at the moment, raises many questions about existence, purpose, and life. I write this blog, because it first of all helps me to work through my own thinking (or lack of it!), and try to make sense of faith, belief and hope. I hope that some of what pours out of my consciousness will connect with your thinking, and that somehow something positive will emerge for each of us.

I write out of a constant questioning, which to be honest can get a little tedious, but at the same time cathartic! I hve no idea quite why I’m telling you this, but I just wanted to share it.

The weaving of life leads you to read this today, and perhaps you have done this for some time. You may be reading my musings for the first time, or dip in and out occasionally. I simply pray that whats moves from my thinking to this blog and then to your reading and interpretation will be of benefit to each of us.

This is a weaving which each of us engage in. My prayer for all of us is that the weaving that exists and which we plug into, will help us to find what Jesus meant when he stated; ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’. The weaving of the divine and human and the promise of direction through the muddling of life.

Blessings and peace be with you on your journey.


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