The edge…

There’s the saying, ‘I feel a bit on edge…..’ Meaning having a worry which won’t go away. Sometimes we can pin it down to a particular situation, other times it may just be a niggle in the back of our consciousness which makes us ill at ease.

The days we are living in leave us ‘a bit on edge’. Probably because there is a sense of not being totally in control and the whole situation of the spread of Covid. We all live with uncertainty and have to learn to manage it. Part of the human condition and the uncertainty that comes with it.

For me the whole story of Jesus Christ speaks of the risk that God took in sending his Son ‘into’ the created world and to experience the edgeiness of human existence. This speaks volumes about the relationship between the Creator and us, the created beings who have a powerful self awareness. We are physical beings but with an ability to see beyond what is, and dream dreams and make plans and bring them to fruition.

Positivley, the edge is where we live and exist. Not in a negative sense, but as a place where we can dream dreams, and plan and resolve and build. In my own experience ‘being on the edge’ can be a moment where one has to face up it fears and hopes and dreams and longings, and in that moment discover the whisper of God in one’s heart and soul.

We are all woven into the fabric of time, held by the love of God, in this moment and existence, and beyond. We are not abandoned, or forgotten. Times and seasons come and go; the edge remains, and is held within the love of God.

2 thoughts on “The edge…

  1. Dear Barrie,
    Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting comments. I like the way you wrote about being “on edge” and also
    “on the edge” Great, the whole “musings” – and the photo!
    The line “O still small voice of calm” comes to mind, from the hymn “Dear Lord and Father of mankind”
    (echoing your lovely phrase about discovering “the whisper of God in one’s heart and soul”)
    Also – “underneath are the everlasting arms” , Deut.33 v. 27
    (echoing your phrase – “the edge remains and is held within the love of God” – which is comforting and more…)
    Hope you and Helen are well – and all the family.
    Love and God Bless, Joyce


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