I’ve just captured this rainbow as it springs from the end of our garden! The way in which we ‘see’ the rainbow depends on many things; perspective is the key element. I am aware that rainbows have been sprinkled throughout my musings, and no doubt will be featured again! They are endlessly mysterious and hope giving.

The perspective of the one who observes, changes constantly. I remember as a child trying to run to get to the end of the rainbow and being massively disappointed as the end kept moving away!! This speaks to me as my adult self in many ways, but deep down I want to reach the end of the rainbow, when I am totally aware that intellectually there is actually no such thing!!

Perhaps it is something about dreams. The subliminal parts of our lives that want to reach out to something that is just out of reach; which for me speaks volumes about faith and hope and trust in what cannot always be seen ot touched or heard.

Back to perspective. Somehow as we become adult, we lose that sense of mystery and possibility, and trust in what is beyond the physical and visceral, and we sit back and don’t move any further. This time of the pandemic, challenges us to our core and has begun to shake what we might regard as our foundations. Faith is a big part of that. We are being challenged to move our perspective and see differently.

As I observed the rainbow it changed as my perpective changed. I moved, it didn’t. But I observed new perspectives in the landscape and sky; it was very energising and spirit filling. Because what it drew me to was how my faith was/is changing, every moment of every day. Faith is not a static body of belief, it is a dynamic interplay between each of us and God; whether we are always aware of it or not.

So be comfortable with your perspective; it is one of the ways that God reaches into your heart and soul, but also at the same time, the point at which we might be called to move on and see differently!

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