For me, endings are as important and special as beginnings. As you read this you will no doubt remember ending moments in your life. At the time, the endings may be painful and difficult to manage, we can all witness to that. But beyond the ending lies a new beginning or beginnings, which can open up alternative possibilities for our lives.

This photograph caught the ending of the day, last evening, as the golden rays of the sun gave their last hurrah!, as they caught the top of the pampas grass. Held in this moment is the promise of a new day, with new perspectives and thoughts.

The days are shortening at quite a rate and the light becomes a precious commodity in the time that we have it, during the short days.

All I hear in my thoughts is the the cry to make the most of the light. Not taking it for granted. I think I take faith for granted a lot of the time, and I am challenged to reflect on how precious it is. The ending of the day passes into the beginning of the next, the endings are an integral part of the beginnings.

God holds it all and asks us to trust.

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