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My apologies for those of you who haven’t been able to see the photographs on my blogs over recent days. Not sure why this has happened, as nothing has changed….There’s a parable in that for another day.

Any way I hope you can see the about to explode birthday cake from a stock photograph!

Today is actually my birthday and I just wanted to offer you some virtual cake and candles to celebrtae with me. Thank you for following the blog, wherever you are!

Birthdays, as time moves on, take on a more reflective role…along with cake and presents and celebration!! Life is a fascinating journey for each of us. The good and not so good, the times of broad horizons and more limited vision. We are who we are because of what we have travelled through, and continue to do so. Our stories are unique to us.

On my birthday I just want to be thankful for the life I have been given. I cannot predict the future, I can only rest in the love of family and friends and others who have been and are, part of the journey. Nothing is lost or given up upon. God’s love spills out to all of us,,,,,without limit.

Thank you for who you are; the uniqueness of your creation.

Blessins and peace…from the Birthday boy!

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