A Moment…

Before I begin… if you are unable to see the photograph then try logging on to the website; http://www.islandviewmusings.com.

I took this photograph a couple of days ago. The cross in the grounds of the Catholic Church in Amble. The cross and the clouds and the sky; a perfect juxtaposition of many things.

I often have moments that just make me stop and consider and think. This photograph holds my attention in this Moment, as I write this blog. As I begin writing each day, I’m never quite sure what will arrive into my consciousness, but something always does! Considering this scene, I sense both the darkness and light, the clouds and the cross, and the love of God, wrapping around it all…

Transient clouds

speak of temporary moments

of revelation and insight,

The solid cross,

reaching up to the clouds

and causing a full stop

and thoughts

of the reach

of divine love.

Hearts and souls

in choruses of


To the one who

holds us, as questions

change into answers….and

moments in time,

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