A view from inside Lesbury church, last week. I was just drawn to the changing light and doors and the scene outside, with the path leading to the Lyche gate.

It reminded me of some words of Jesus in John’s Gospel; ‘I am the door. If anyone enters by me they will be saved …..I have come that they may have life.’ These words are not exclusive, they are utterly inclusive. So often religion can be used to exclude and erect barriers to those supposedly ‘outside’. This is blown apart by these words of Jesus.

The darkness and light play with the imagination, which is what prompted me to take the picture. Each time you look at the scene, other thoughts and prespectives reveal themselves. Faith is always tested, throughout our hours and days. Not in a negative sense, but with the changing of perspective throughout the day.

The doors stand open in the photograph; we are either drawn outwards to the light, or we are inside the darker space and resting in the blessing of what lies beyond, in the light. Jesus’ words just nudge us into a new perspecive; attracted by the light and what lies beyond, but understanding the darkness more, because of the light. Not an either or, which is so often how we see things.

So that phrase of Jesus, ‘I am the door’ can lead us into new ways of being and living. This is an all encompassing moment, assuring us that we are never lost or forgotten, even in those difficult times we might pass through.

Light and darkness…let the weaving begin, with the one who is the door, forever

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