The weaving..

The trunk of a tree in the village of Nefies in southern France. The more you look the more you see!! The weaving of the trunk is a work of nature’s art and offering. We all carry the weaving of our lives moment by moment. It makes us who we are, how we think,…what we offer to the world. We are truly the product of a whole multitude of inputs and outputs….

Woven, visible,

shaped, by inputs

and outputs.

No planning, just randon

acts of choice and responce.

Visible to others,

enlightening moment of

pure delight and breath drawing.

Held in the gaze of

a camera lens.

Choice of the operator

freezes time, then moves on.

Embeded in hope,


and thankfulness.

The surprise

and the shaping

and the smile

of nature.

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