Just a treminder of those two words; peace and still. Ripples and tranquility and imperceptible movement. The still point which we would love to have more often in the days through which we live.

The disciples of Jesus trying to make headway in on the lake in the middle of a storm, as the boat takes on water. Jesus asleep in the back of the boat. They shout at him, because he appears not to care. Then as he wakes he challenges them….‘have you got no faith?!‘ Quick as a flash he calms the sea and they all look at each other with a ‘Ooops we didn’t see that one coming. …!!!’

That’s faith and trust and hope and fear all wrapped into one. Peace and still are words that enter our conscious world at odd moments or perhaps regularly….it’s rare for me! But once I give myself permission to believe the truth of the words, then imperceptible change begins to occur. More words of Jesus...’You will know the truth and the truth will set you free…. We live in a world where truth is a precious commodity, but take heart in peace and stillness and allow the still small voice to speak thruth into your heart and soul.

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