Sky writing..

I just managed to capture the moment when numerous flocks of geese coalesced as they flew over the house. You have to look closely to identify the the sky writing geese; the constant flow and movement was utterly captivating and completely breathtaking!

Need I say more? Words are totally inadequate to try and descrice what unfolded in a matter of minutes. Streams of geese seemed to be waving to all who were looking upwards at that percise moment; within minutes the canvas had been vacated and I was simply left with a powerful memory and moment to reflect upon.

Somehow as we enter a further ‘Lock down’, these moments become more precious and meaningful. It is very easy to become obsessed with all that is unfolding and the unceratinty that it engenders. But the simple observation of flocks of geese made me stop the chatter in my head and simply whisper a ‘thank you’ to the Creator. Then the chatter broke in and the moment was lost, until I sat down to write this blog.

It is easy to slip into fear and become cast adrift on the sea of uncertainty. I have no easy answer to that. But as I keep saying ‘look around’ and ‘see differently.’ Look around you, observe, note, record…look for patterns. Sometimes the outward observation resounds in our heart and soul and the sky writing opens up a new door or way of being or thinking.

May the Lord grant you the creative presence of the Holy Spirit and bless these moments which you pass through.

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