World wide web,,,webinars…the spiders are taking over! I couldn’t resist taking this photograph this morning. The spider has carefully crafted its web underneath a garden chair. Overmight, with a drop in temperature water droplets have congregated on the web, creating a quite breathtaking moment.

The intricacy of the web and the way one can observe each individual droplet, creates patterns which are utterly unique to this moment. It speaks of the variety of creation and the suprising moments in creation.

Just take a moment to consider the photograph, and make a mental or physical note of feelings, words, memories. Connectedness is how the world wide web is described. The web in the photograph also speaks to me of harmony, gracefulness, symmetry, suprise, fragility,uniquness.

I want to describe a moment like this..observing the natural world, as a gift, An offering to each of us, testing our ability to consider and make sense and understand.

Being human is a unique gift in creation and I pray that in the moments you pass through today, that you’ll notice the patterns all around you, and that your spirit will rejoice and give thanks to the Creator….even in these difficult days through which we pass.

Blessings and peace be with you.

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