I took this photograph yesterday morning. Hazy rising sun, seed head in the foreground.

Time for a poem;

Promise and transformation,

seedhead and rising sun.

Arms held aloft

giving thanks and praise

to the shaper of

life and diversity,

The scatterer of stars

and lighter of suns.

Enabler of life;

yours and mine and

all of creation.

Take one small moment

to raise arms and soul

in praise and thanks for


A gift to be unwrapped….

2 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Hello Barrie,
    Thank you for all your ” Musings.”
    You have a special way with words and thoughts.
    For example, this lovely photo and poem are full of hope and possibilities.
    God Bless you and Helen and the wider family.


  2. Such a lovely lot of ideas , thoughts , and wishes. Love the image. Thanks Barrie.

    Sent from my iPad



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