A time for everything

‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.‘ So says the Preacher, the writer of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament. Everything has its place and its time, and we are all part of that flow, which we are part of . The flow of life, death and resurrection. All a matter of faith and trust and hope. Which, if I’m honest, is easier said than done.

Our daily life and existence has faith and trust and hope woven into it. Not that we spend time considering this in our days and hours. But sometimes we get stopped in our tracks and we have to reconsider, change thought patterns, take a differnt perspective.

I have always found that these words of the preacher, go to the heart of daily existence. The glory of the wood land in the photograph speaks of a process which is what I want to call, ‘a flow of existence’. We are part of it, but cannot change it. The seeming ending and the decay of the woodland, actually releases nutrients for growth in the folllowing year.

Jesus experienced death and resurrection and speaks about you and I being part of this flow. Endings will always have new beginnings. This involves trust and hope. But we can learn from the ‘flow’ of the natural world and see it mirrored in our lives.

This involves an ‘act of faith’ every moment, and sometimes that is difficult. But please remember that God does not change and calls us to trust, and recognise the flow that we are part of.

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