Stop and listen

There are many elements in this photograph. I took it a couple of years ago during a retreat at St Clare’s Convent in Derbyshire. The chapel in the purpose built retreat space is truly special.

I suppose that all I need say to you, is just take some moments today to look at the image, and let it draw you in.

There are so many elements which are in perfect harmony. The plant in front of the altar; the light illuminating the altar. The candle burning in the little alcove, and finally the crucifix, overlooking the whole scene.

The wooden floor almost seems like it is floating and gently carring all the other elements. Sitting in the chapel at any time, as the light changed throughout the day and night was alwys a truly profound time.

I’m conscious, as I look at the picture now, of a profound sense of the gentle presence of the Holy Spirit, whispering through the clamour of thoughts in my consciousness, and saying….stop, and listen.

Peace be upon you, within you and around you, now and in each moment of this day.

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