Mixed up..

There are a whole lot of things to contemplate in this scene. Mixed up, is about as close to anything I’m thinking of as I write the blog for today.

A number of elements catch the attention of the observer. The cairn in the foreground, created by someone out of pebbles on top of a shoreline of other pebbles. The breakers of the high tide, crashing against this barrier. The precarious construction of the cairn. In the background, the slightly out of focus Coquet Isalnd. A mix of all kinds of inputs!

A bit like life for all of us at the moment. Mixed up, uncertain, longing, limited, vision (or lack thereof). I took this shot because it summed up how I feel each day. Too much to take in, process, and put into some kind of context.

Actually, the best way of contemplating the scene is to look at the individaul elements, rather than the whole. In this way you can focus on what resonates with you, in that moment.

The cairn speaks to me immediately. It looks fairly temporary and as I write this a day later, will probably have disappeared, to be included in something greater. This is the promise of God with regards to our existence, which changes throughout life and beyond this moment. The love of God is without limit; you and I and all creation are included and nothing is lost.

In the ‘mixing up’ of our lives and our days we just need to spend a moment and offer our own fragility and uncertainty to the One who hears above the cacophany of noise. and communicates in the still, small voice of calm.

One thought on “Mixed up..

  1. I saw a sort of pumpkin=type of squeezed face with slit eyes and a pale nose on the stone which rests on the base stone!! But the rest of what you say catches my attention. It’s a shot so full of wonder. I love Coquet Is in the background and the seaweed upon which it all rests. Nourishing our world and gardens. I love the pic, thanks so much. Susanna

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