Questions are a constant narrative in our thought lives. Sometimes we can answer then ourselves, other times we need the help of another…or Google!!! Faith is built on questions and quite often, questions that don’t have easy answers.

The photograph above was taken on a coastal walk. My eye settled upon a whole heap of stones and rubble, that had been abraided by the movement of the sea, over days and weeks and years. Some of the stones had been moved by ice sheets during the last Ice Age, others eroded from local outcrops, but at the centre of this group is what appears to be the remains of a man made brick chimney, possibly from the time of coal mining in this area.

I could wax lyrical about all kinds of thoughts I have in my head, but I just want to focus on this scene. Because somehow, I think it raises questions about how we see things; the questions that we ask, particularly when it comes to faith and belief. The way each of us see oursleves and others is utterly unique, and I thank God for that. This jumble of stone and brick has its own narrative, but we give it our own interpretation. This is a complete act of faith on our part. We can prove some things but are often left with mystery at the centre of our thoughs.

I believe that at this point of so called ‘mystery’ we meet with God in our lives. This is a a time of suprise for us. The moment of questions and answers that we might not expect, but which send us off on a differnt way of seeing or thinking, or believing.

I hope the questions are bubbling within your thoughts. and that you will have a space today, however short, when you have an ‘a-ha’ moment !!!

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