Living water…

Just droplets of water condensing on grasses’. It reminded me of Jesus’ words to a large crowd…’Let anyone who is thirsty, come to me and drink,.’ .Curious but compelling. Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit, who is also described as the provider of ‘living water.’

All very mysterious and not easy to fathom. But it leaves an impression in the heart and mind which lingers. The droplets of water speak of refreshment; Jesus’ words send our thinking into another dimension.

It may seem like a nice idea, but something which is way beyond our understanding. Very easy at this point to put it to one side, as something to ‘come back to’. But I find that the words of Jesus do not easily leave my consciousness; they are compelling.

There are days, if we’re honest, when we do feel that ‘inner thirst’. Outwatdly, everything seems OK, but inwardly we struggle with doubt and cry out for what I can only descibe as ‘inner refreshment’. Jesus was clear that the Holy Spirit is the source and giver of peace and hope and vision, and very much more.

Whatever this day will bring for you, just take a moment, be still, and hear the whisper of the one who dispenses ‘living water’, for the soul.

One thought on “Living water…

  1. Lovely calming pic & words – so much in need of this deep refreshing drink of spirit and inner peace . Thanks again. Blessings Susanna

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