Turning point

If you reflect back on your life, you will no doubt remember the ‘Turning Point’ moments. It may be something major, or one of those imperceptible moments when something changed and your life began to take a different direction. Perhaps you are in such a place as you read this.

The tree is dispalying the rhythun of the seasons, in its transition from autumn into winter. Our lives transition themselves moment by moment, and we react to these from our own uniqueness.

I’m often conscious that my musings will reach you in ways that I can never predict. There is a whole process at work which we are each caught up in. You will have ‘turning point moments’ today and every day. When you do, take a space to either record the moment, or give yourself time to let the thought speak to you.

The tree is going through a turning point moment as a preparation for what happens and follows during winter. There is a sense of celebration as the leaves parade their colours. The ending holds the promise of a new beginning.

One thought on “Turning point

  1. Very true Barrie – thanks for putting everything in perspective . Much needed at this point in time. Best to you and blessings. Susanna

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