This labyrinth is outdoors in the gardens of St Clare’s Convent in Clay Cross in Derbyshire. It is based on the medieval labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, in France. Walking it was a daily discipline for me during times of retreat at the Convent.

Those moments are lodged in my memory, because of the constant suprises which occured as I gently moved towards the centre and back again. For me it speaks of life and being and the all encompassing love of God.

The entrance beckons,

and the labyrinth draws me in.

The walk of life,

past, present and future.

Encompassed in this breath,

and each step.

Pulling me to the centre point,

held by the Love which

has no limits, even as

I pass into a dead end.

The stopping point, which,

in God’s economy, is a starting place.

Hope in fear and changing


Placing steps and savouring the moment,

passing into the centre point,

which becomes the beginning

of a new journey……

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