What’s up?

Say hello to Tim! He’s a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle; known as a Cockapoo.

I could probably end the musing at this point and just leave you with the title of the Blog and Tim! He is 18 months old, and already knows too much ! The title of the blog describes what I think Tim might be asking me…..

He lives his life in his own unique way as each of us does. We have our ups and downs and highs and lows. But I have a sense, from observing dogs that I’ve had in the past and Tim, that they understand the world and their relationship with us from their own point of consciousness.

‘What’s up?’ goes to the heart of what I think Tim was communicating to me in that precise moment I took the photograph. There was a kind of invitation to observe him and his world. To have a more simplistic mind set and embrace the moment of being alive. I spend my days worrying about all kinds of things, particularly with the unsettling nature of the pandemic. The Creator points us to the Creation and encourages us to observe and learn.

Helen posed the question, ‘What’s up?’ to me the other day. She could see that something was disturbing me. My default is always…’Oh nothing….’ But she never gives up until I have to verbalise what is disturbing me. In the act of doing that, the spell is broken and what was disturbing me is confronted.

God whispers into our hearts and souls and minds, throughout the day….without taking ‘no’ for an answer. Often it’s imperceptible; just like the moment that Tim asked the question, ‘What’s up?’ Othertimes it’s very direct….and the best thing is, that God never gets bored of the same old answers!!! …..

……But does want us to move on to a new view!

One thought on “What’s up?

  1. Is this Tim yours? How exciting if it is look forward to seeing him & perhaps introducing him to Huxley, Chaucer & Harper… he would have got on well with Bishop all cocking their legs on unsuspecting fishermen!! Rx

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