We all have layers of understanding as we pass through our minutes, hours, and days. Sometimes we have to ‘park’ certain moments or challenges, in order to understand the broader picture. Each day we are bombarded by ‘analysis’ and comment and words of wisdom from the ‘experts’. It’s all a matter of perspective and interpretation.

Sometimes the ‘information’ and analysis becomes too much and we have to step back and reflect. Sometimes we have no answers but many questions, and that is fine. At the heart of life and understanding comes faith and trust and what I call the ‘still point’. That moment, when the clamour of noise in my head has to be quieted and I accpet that the ‘still pont’ is all I have.

But it’s like digging for something precious, not knowing what lies buried. Just like the exposed rock in the photograph; planed by the movement of ice, marked by the striations, and then used by humans to create an artwork, and/ or a reaching out to something beyond.

Layers of meaning is what I am trying tp descibe. That is the challenge we all face each day. The whisper of God through the Holy Spirit; breaking through the layers of our thinking, and reaching to touch our souls.

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