The island

Holy Isand, off the east coast of the Isle of Arran. Throughout history it has welcomed seekers of peace and contemplation. Today it welcomes a Buddhist Monastery. What makes a place holy, I ask myself? I’m sure that each of us would have an answer that would be part of a greater truth. Is there a holy place that is important to you? Even an image that helps quieten your soul?

Islands have always been used as places of retreat and reflection. But we can’t always gain physical access to such a place. There is a sense that we have to find our own ‘island’ within ourselves. That place which speaks to us a way that helps us to ‘see’ differently. John Donne, an Anglican Priest and poet (1572-1631), wrote these words in his Devotions…‘No person is an Island entire of itself’.(This seems to contradict my statement above!)….but he goes on to say…‘everyone is a piece of the continemt, a part of the main…’ That sense that we often live as if we are an Island, entire in ourselves. But we cannot ignore the insights of those around us and the whisper of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and souls.

Holy Isalnd is connected to Arran geologically, even though this cannot be seen because of the strait that separates.

In essence we each of us are part of the whole, even though we have our own ‘island moments’. Those moments of solitude can be both difficult and energising. Just spend a moment to think this through, and understand we are not alone, ever.

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