I built what I call this ‘wonky’ stone figure, yesterday afternoon. As I look at it now I see a figure with a flat cap, long hair, a bilbous nose, and arms folded across the chest! I had to make sure that the stones were carefully balanced, as I built them onto the large stone base.

Balance, creativity, a whole lot of things came together, and to be frank, I am rather impressed with my creation! I can’t help but hear the the words of the first Chapter of Genesis; ‘God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning–the sixth day. These are powerful words and proclaim the relationship between the created world and the creator.

How does this make us feel about our own lives and their uniqueness? God’s realtionship with the whole of creation is there, whether we choose to believe it or not; that is our choice. There is no coercion from the life giver and Creator. The relationship is simply offered to each of us. We, as a species, have decided to be gods ourselves; which is about choice and free will. God honours that choice, but continues to whisper alternative horizons, which we can take or leave.

The pandemic has had a profound effect in all kinds of ways. It causes us to pause and ask questions, and I invite you to reflect on the words from Genesis, which don’t always give answers, but raise interesting questions.

There is something here about balance in the universe.

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