On Track?

On track

Who knows? There have been moments in my life when I have been ‘On Track’ and something has happened which has set me off on a track which I could never have thought or planned in my own mental space! Moments like this can be disturbing and difficult to negotiate.

Our journeys at this point in our lives might not look like the straight trajectory of the disused railway line I photographed some years ago. But in a sense there is a connection with the photograph. Because at the times of uncertainty we need to find a route through the ‘maze’ we might find ourselves in. The simple route may look too obvious or straightforward, but it offers a path which, in the absence of anything else, we can at least follow, one step after another.

The problem I have sometimes, is that I want to see the end of the route, before I take the steps to move me forward. If I over think it, then I can talk myself out of it and look for a differnt route which might seem less onerous.

The railway has changed its purpose; but it still allows people to move along it and travel. It’s just that the method of moving has changed. That’s what happens in our mental space and in walk with God. The one who accompanies us through the journey of life and beyond.

In these unceratin times through which we pass we need those moments when we can just stop. As I did when I took this photograph…because it spoke to me then, and does now!

I hope that you can stop for a moment, in your journey, Take time to look around. Connect with the One who is nearer than you can imagine.

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