I guess the phrase ‘anything is possible’ comes from the mouth of an eternal optimist. Possibility is positive, not something to fear. Ths photograph captures the rising of the winter sun the other day. A moment of possibility, as the darkness is dispelled and light begins to reach into dark places and transforms the moment.

Every moment is full of possibility, and the potential for a new and energising perspective. As the sun rises at this time of the year, we know that within a few hours it will begin its journey into setting. when our perspective changes radically. Humans have always used rituals to cope with the dimming of the days. I wonder what your ritual is? How has it changed? Have you ever really thought about it.

This has something to do with being in tune with each of the seasons and how we use the changes that impact on our own lives. The long nights of winter can create a sense of longing for brighter and longer days, which can create inner tension. For me it’s something about acceptance. An act of faith. I don’t get it right every day, partucularly if it never gets bright! But it teaches me about the twists and turns of faith; hope, fear. longing, thankfulness, questions, opportunities…the list is endless.

If I focus on one phrase or word for the day ahead, possibility embeds itself in my soul and draws out the things that are just beyond my reach.

May the rising sun always bring you those unthought of possibilities, that reach out from the heart of the Creator.

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