Time and tide…

The immortal words of Geoffrey Chaucer; ‘Time and tide wait for no one.’ Make of theses words what you will, but the rolling of time is something that we have to embrace!

The movement of the tides along the coast near our home, often brings to light the remains of a 10,000 year old forest that florished during the time of the movement of humans from Europe, across what was then land.

The tree stump lies above a thin layer of compacted vegetation, which in turn lies above glacial clays from the last Ice Age.

Moving people,

moving tides,

stopping, looking, seeing,


A thousand years are like a day and a day as

a thousand years in God’s sight…..

Perspective changing.

Our moments in time,

compressed by memory

and what we hold in our


Seeing may be believing,..

perhaps believing is


Faith, hope and love


into the fabric…

of time

and eternity.

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