Here’s looking at you….

I photographed this Red Squirel on the Isle of Arran, a couple of years ago. The squirrel seems to be looking directly at the camera, in a held pose!

It just got me thinking about how other created beings regard us?! Of course I have absolutely no idea, but in the moment that I looked at the squirrel, it seemed to be holding my gaze and I was complelled to press the shutter. That moment is shared with you, today.

It speaks about every part of the world having its own unique moment and place, including you and I. We need to learn to pause and stop sometimes, perhaps just to calm th clamour of noise in our heads! Easier said than done, I agree, but none the less, worth a try; activating another part of our brain at least!

A moment like this allows us to ‘see’ differently. To be able to allow the creative whisper of God to reach into our hearts and souls. Not just now, as you read this, but in other moments during the day.

Stop, listen and observe, as the squirel looks at you and you return it’s gaze!

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